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Services in technical maintenance of aircraft

JSC "yuvt AERO" has an engineering service, which is represented by three production sites, equipped with all necessary tools and certified personnel

Types of services:

Periodic maintenance of aircraft
Operational MAINTENANCE of aircraft
Ground Handling
The PLG services and engineering support for aircraft
Battery repair and maintenance
Repair of aircraft wheels CRJ-200 and CL604/605
Processing and analysis of flight information
Metrological support of maintenance processes (calibration of various measuring instruments)
Supply of a wide range of components, spare parts, consumables for aircraft MAINTENANCE from manufacturers of foreign aircraft
Execution of the sun outside the base
Nondestructive testing

List of aircraft serviced:

Aircraft: CL-600-2B19 , Falcon-7X, CL-600-2B16 (CL604/605), Cessna-172R/ S, DA-42NG

Helicopters: Bell-407, Bell-429, R-44, R-44 II, R-66, Mi-8MTV-1, Ansat

The contacts of the responsible persons:

Deputy General Director for IAO: Vasily Reutov +7 (85594) 63544

Description of services:

— Periodic maintenance of aircraft

We offer periodic maintenance of aircraft of Western and domestic production in accordance with the requirements of the aviation authorities and maintenance programs of manufacturers and operators. Yuvt AERO performs heavy forms of maintenance on Bombardier CL-600-2B19 aircraft, as well as linear maintenance of Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (CL604/605). The whole range of VET on aircraft type: Mi-8MTV-1, BELL-407, BELL-429, Robinson-44, Da-42NG, Cessna-172S, ANSAT with GMSU,

- Operational MAINTENANCE of aircraft

We offer our customers services of operational maintenance at the airports of Bugulma, Kazan-MAK, Naberezhnye Chelny-Begishevo. Yuvt AERO is ready to develop a network of linear aircraft maintenance stations, flexibly responding to the needs of customers and the rapidly changing air transportation market.

- Ground Handling

The meeting, provision of Parking and the issue of the armed forces
Aircraft grounding installation
Opening / closing of hatches of cargo compartments of aircraft
Refueling with jet fuel
The control for starting the engines and taxiing of aircraft with MS
Ground power supply
Filling of aircraft systems with drinking water
Treatment of heads of the armed forces
Charging with compressed gases (nitrogen, oxygen)
Heating of aircraft interiors, engines and APU
Start the engines of the aircraft from the installation of air launch (UVZ)
Removal of ground icing and preventive treatment of aircraft surfaces
Internal cleaning of aircraft and acquisition brotmuseum
The towing of the aircraft

Services PLG and engineering support of the armed forces

Yuvt AERO holds the certificate of the airworthiness management organization in accordance with the requirements of OTAR Part 39 (CAMO approval) and offers the following services:

Development and maintenance of the aircraft fleet MAINTENANCE program;
Monitoring of the parameters of the Park engines;
Maintenance of the program of reliability of at, an assessment of efficiency and adjustment of the program of THAT;
Accounting and organization of execution of applicable aviation directives (AD);
Development of at modification policy taking into account the requirements of the aircraft modification Operator (SB);
Development of technological documentation for AD / SB works;
Accounting developments and planning THAT operated at;
Preparation of data for aircraft construction repairs;
Maintaining the status of aircraft construction repairs;
Organization of maintenance, accounting and storage of technical records of aircraft;
Consulting services in terms of aircraft acceptance and commissioning, CofA certification organization (LG certification of aircraft copy in the Aviation authorities of the country of registration);
Development and implementation of special procedures for ordering Operator: flying around the sun, the weighting of the armed forces, etc.;
Development of technological maps of aircraft maintenance AND aircraft components For operators and Maintenance Organizations;
Development of technical documentation for additional requests of the Operator;
Development and maintenance of a list of the minimum serviceable equipment of the armed forces (MEL);
Development and maintenance of lists of units with limited resource/service life (HTC / LLP);

- Repair and maintenance of batteries

Service aircraft batteries across the entire spectrum of accepted aircraft types

— Repair of the wheels of the armed forces Bombardier CL-600-2B19 and CL-600-2B16

Units for repair wheels perform maintenance of the wheels of the production of MABS. Repair areas of wheels and brakes are equipped with modern equipment.

- Processing and analysis of flight information

We perform decoding and analysis of flight information of the aircraft of the airlines operating the aircraft. The work is carried out on the basis of certificates issued by the fsnst.

Yuvt AERO offers its customers flight information processing services:

Decoding of flight data;
Transcript of CVR;
A comprehensive transcript;
— Graphics

— Timeline of piloting

— Helps

Building a glide path to assess the accuracy of the landing

— Nondestructive testing

Performed non-destructive testing in THE aircraft within the constraints of existing certificates