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Group transportation order
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Order a group flight
A group of passengers are passengers traveling together and for the same purpose on one or more segments of the route, in the amount of 10 or more passengers.

The cost is selected individually and depends on the flight, date of flight and the size of the group.The route of transportation can be any: only there, there and back.Flight dates must be chosen in such a way that at least 5 working days remain before the flight departure (excluding weekends).
You can pay for a ticket for a group as an individual or organization.Individuals pay for a group flight using bank details.To do this, you will need the last name, first name and patronymic of the payer, passport number and TIN.Organizations pay the invoice as a legal entity, for this you will need your company bank account details.Booking is carried out only upon agreement of the price and / or signing of the contract.

Group booking benefits:
• Long period of booking;
• Ability to create a booking without entering passenger data;
• Air tickets are issued at least 1 day before the flight departure.

The conditions for the return and exchange of air tickets are determined on an individual basis, in accordance with the rules of the Carrier, depending on the issued fare.