Passenger's baggage is accepted for carriage at check-in at the airport of departure, transfer airport, stopover airport or other check-in point.

The passenger of the aircraft has the right to carry his / her baggage within the established norm without additional payment (hereinafter – the free baggage allowance).

The free baggage allowance, including items in the passenger's possession, is established by the Airline depending on the type of aircraft and may not be less than ten kilograms per passenger.

The airline or an authorized agent is obliged to accept baggage for carriage within the free baggage allowance and issue a numbered baggage tag for each piece of checked baggage to the passenger. Luggage tag is designed to identify Luggage.

When accepting baggage for carriage, the airline Or an authorized agent must make a record in the ticket (on the number of seats and weight of checked baggage), which is considered as a baggage receipt issued to the passenger. If the weight of the baggage is not specified in the ticket, it is considered that the total weight of the checked baggage corresponds to the free baggage allowance.

The airline or its authorized agent after accepting the baggage for carriage shall be responsible for the safety of checked baggage and its packaging.

The passenger's checked baggage must be carried on the same aircraft as the passenger.

In case of forced downgrading of the class of service, the passenger has the right to carry baggage according to the free baggage allowance established for the paid class of service.

From the moment of delivery of the checked baggage to transportation and until its delivery access of the passenger to the checked baggage is forbidden, except cases of carrying out its identification or additional inspection by the relevant authorized services.

The baggage of the passenger who did not come to the boarding after check-in, as well as the baggage and hand Luggage of the transit passenger who did not come to the boarding are subject to mandatory removal from the aircraft.

Free baggage allowance
For registration and transportation of baggage, the Airline establishes a certain free baggage allowance, baggage allowance and fare for excess baggage.

Also, one Passenger is allowed free transportation on regular flights of the airline ski equipment (a pair of Alpine skis with ski poles) and additional equipment (shoes, helmets, glasses, special clothing) in the bag with a total weight of no more than the value of the free baggage allowance included in the weight of free baggage.

The value of the free baggage allowance is set by the Airline in kilograms depending on the route of transportation, type of aircraft, class of service and the fare paid. The value of the norm is indicated in the ticket (itinerary receipt).

When booking transportation and/or purchasing a flight ticket, the booking agent must inform the passenger of the free baggage allowance, noting it in the passenger's ticket.

In case of special value of baggage, the passenger has the right to issue an additional seat in the cabin (in the passenger seat) with a payment of 100% of the fare of the corresponding class of service with the registration of a separate passenger ticket. Norm of free baggage allowance on this ticket is not applied.

The weight of the carried baggage shall not exceed 80 kg, and the overall dimensions of 0, 5x0,5x1, 0 m for the possibility of placing such baggage in a separate passenger seat, the packaging must ensure its attachment to the passenger seat.

Lifting baggage on Board the aircraft and removing it from the aircraft must be made by the Passenger carrying the baggage

Transportation of such baggage is carried out by prior agreement with the airline.

Free baggage allowance does not apply to:

passenger's baggage, regardless of the name and destination, the overall dimensions of one place in the Packed form exceed 50 x 50 x 103 cm (such baggage is considered oversized);
passenger's baggage, regardless of the name and purpose, weighing more than 30 kg per seat;
courier correspondence and parcels accompanied by specialists of departments;
animals and birds, except guide dogs, accompanying blind passengers;
baggage requiring special conditions of carriage, including weapons.
musical instrument
TVs, tape recorders, radios, photo and video equipment, household and office equipment, cash registers weighing one place more than 10 kg.
Transportation of the above baggage is paid for by their actual weight, regardless of the number of other things the Passenger carried as baggage.

When transporting passengers with a common purpose of travel (confirmed by documents) and following together on the same aircraft on the same route to the same destination (family, delegation, tourists, sports and other teams), at the request of passengers or with their consent, a group free baggage allowance is provided, which is a combined free baggage allowance for passengers of this group. When applying the group baggage allowance, all operations related to the acceptance of baggage and its delivery are made through the head of the group.

Passengers travelling on service or discount tickets, as well as a child travelling on a child ticket, have the right to carry baggage free of charge according to the established norm specified in the ticket.

Passengers travelling with a child under the age of two are entitled to carry one baby carriage free of charge in addition to the free baggage allowance.

The value of the free baggage allowance for a child under the age of two years is indicated in the ticket (itinerary receipt).

At the request of passengers travelling together for the same purpose to the same airport (point) of destination or airport (point) of stopover on the same flight (family members, persons travelling together or on a business trip), the carrier is obliged to apply to these passengers the amount of free baggage allowance for each of the passengers.

The Association applies only to the free baggage allowance. Baggage is issued for each passenger individually.

The airline or authorized agent has the right to check the weight of the baggage carried by the passenger at the airport of his landing and (or) at the airport of destination. If it is determined that the passenger carries baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance or in excess of the amount specified in the baggage check, without the corresponding payment for this carriage, the carrier may require to pay the cost of the unpaid portion of baggage.

The airline has the right to restrict or refuse carriage of baggage to a Passenger whose weight exceeds the established free baggage allowance, if such carriage has not been previously agreed.

Requirements for packaging and contents of baggage
Each piece of checked baggage must be properly Packed, ensuring its safety during transportation and processing and excluding the possibility of causing harm to passengers, crew members, third parties, damage to the aircraft, baggage of other passengers or other property.

Baggage that does not meet the requirements of this paragraph is not allowed for carriage.

Baggage with external damage that does not affect its safety during transportation and processing and can not cause harm to passengers, crew members, third parties, damage to the aircraft, baggage of other passengers or other property may be accepted for carriage as checked baggage with the consent of the Airline. In this case, the presence and type of damage are confirmed by the passenger's signature.

Passengers are not recommended to put fragile or perishable items, money, jewelry, precious metals, securities and other valuables, business documents, keys and other similar items in their checked baggage.

The weight of one piece of checked baggage must not exceed fifty kilograms.

Dimensions of one piece of checked baggage must not exceed 50 x 50 x 103 cm

Baggage, weight, number of seats, size, packaging or contents of which do not meet the requirements of international treaties of the Russian Federation, these Rules, other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, the legislation of the country, on the territory, from or through the territory of which the baggage is carried. on Board an aircraft, as well as injuries, poisoning, burns or exposure to humans and animals.

Excess, oversized and heavy baggage
When purchasing a ticket, as well as at the airport of transfer, the passenger is obliged to agree with the Airline a lot of things that will be presented to them for transportation in excess of the established norm of free transportation.

Excess baggage, oversized and / or heavy baggage is accepted for carriage only if there is free carrying capacity on the aircraft and subject to payment by the passenger for the carriage of such baggage, except in cases where the carriage of such baggage has been agreed in advance with the Airline and paid for at the time of booking.

The passenger is obliged to pay for the carriage of baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance at the established rate in force at the time of carriage for the entire carriage to the destination. The weight of excess baggage must not exceed 30 kg.
One piece of baggage exceeding 30 kg is heavy and must be transported by prior arrangement with the Airline and paid at the established rate for the full weight or be issued as cargo under the rules of transportation of goods.The free baggage allowance does not apply to heavy baggage.

If the passenger has presented for carriage baggage weighing and/or smaller than it was booked and pre-paid, the difference in payment between the booked and the actual weight and / or size of baggage shall be refunded to the passenger.

If the passenger increases the weight of the transported baggage while travelling, he / she is obliged to pay for the cost of transportation of baggage, the weight of which exceeds the free baggage allowance or exceeds the weight of previously paid baggage. In the case of reducing the passenger in the path of the mass of transported Luggage no recalculations for the payment made for the baggage does not.

A passenger wishing to carry oversized baggage (the dimensions of one piece of which in Packed form exceed 50 x 50 x 103 cm), is obliged to inform the Airline when booking a seat or when buying a ticket.

If several carriers participate in the carriage, the Airline must obtain their consent for the carriage of oversized baggage.

Oversized baggage is accepted for carriage provided that the dimensions of the loading hatches and cargo compartments of the aircraft allow its loading(unloading) into(from) the aircraft and placement on Board the aircraft.

This baggage shall be fitted for attachment to the aircraft, from the aircraft and on Board the aircraft.

The airline has the right to refuse acceptance for transportation of oversized baggage if it does not meet the stated requirements.

The free baggage allowance does not apply to oversized baggage, the transportation of such baggage must be paid at the rate for excess baggage.

Payment for excess and oversized baggage is made for the whole kilogram. Rounding up to a whole kilogram is performed according to the following rules: up to 0.5 kg — in the smaller direction, 0.5 kg and above — up to a whole kilogram in the larger direction.

Payment by the passenger of transportation of excess, oversized and heavy baggage is certified by the receipt of paid baggage.

Receipt for payment of excess baggage consists of control, Agency, flight (from one to four), passenger coupons, made in the approved form.

The receipt can have a universal coupon for payment by credit card, as well as the front and back covers.

The excess baggage receipt used for international carriage by air must contain information that the document complies with the definition of the baggage receipt under article 4 of the Warsaw Convention or the Warsaw Convention as amended by the 1955 Hague Protocol.

Complementary services

Regular luggage — 1 place up to 10kg -1500 rubles ,1 place up to 20kg -2500 rubles, 1 place up to 30kg — 4000 rubles

Animal up to 8 kg — 1 seat — 2500 rubles (in the cabin, restrictions no more than two animals in the cabin)

Animal up to 8 kg — 1 seat 40 euro on international flights

An animal in the luggage compartment — 1 place up to 32 kg — 5000 rubles, 1 place from 32 kg to 50 kg — 9500rub and 1 place 80 euro on international flights (restrictions no more than two animals in the luggage compartment).

Plant — 1 place 1000 rubles (except for a small bouquet of flowers)

Plant — 1st place 7evro on international flights

Musical instruments — 1 seat 2000 rubles (when buying a/b, at the request of the passenger, an additional seat can be arranged on the flight to carry the instrument, in such cases, the fee for the additional service is not charged)

Audio and video equipment — 1 place 3500 rub (except phone, tablet)


Sports equipment — 1 seat up to 10kg — 2500 rub and 1 seat up to 23kg — 4500 RUB and 1m/40 euro on international flights, weighing no more than 10kg and measuring a total of 3 dimensions of 203 cubic cm (except for 1 pair of skis with poles, boots and helmet, the weight of ski equipment is included in the free baggage allowance). One piece of sports equipment must contain one set of equipment for one passenger (bicycle, snowboard, special clothing, helmet, glasses, mask, boots with fasteners, etc.).

Oversized baggage is accepted for carriage only in agreement with the Airline.

Weapons (except service weapons) — 1st place 2000 rubles.

Seat selection — 1 seat 1000 rubles and 1 seat 15 euro on international flights (comfortable seat 1, 8 rows, passengers with children and people with disabilities cannot be booked).

The fee for passenger registration after check—in is 3,000 rubles (excluding cash fees)

It is charged from each late passenger, with a separate seat (fee for extending check-in, passenger's request less than 40 minutes, but no later than 25 minutes before departure, based on the specific situation, a late passenger may be denied check-in).

This service is not provided at the Kazan airport.