hand Luggage

As hand baggage in excess of the norm established by the carrier and without charging an additional fee, the passenger has the right to carry the following items:

backpack or ladies ' bag, or a briefcase with the things enclosed in a backpack, or a bag, or a briefcase which weight does not exceed 5 kg and which dimensions do not exceed 15 x 35 x 45cm;
bouquet of flowers;
baby food for the child during the flight;
suit in garment bag;
a device for carrying a child (a baby cradle, holding systems (devices) for children up to two years, a baby carriage and other devices) when transporting a child, the dimensions of which are set by the carrier's rules, and allow them to be safely placed in the cabin of the aircraft on the shelf above the passenger seat with dimensions of 15 x 35 x 45 cm and weighing no more than 5 kg or under the seat in front of the passenger seat with dimensions of 20 x 35 x 40cm;
medicines, special dietary requirements in the amount required for the flight;
crutches, canes, walkers, rollators, folding wheelchair used by the passenger and having dimensions that allow you to safely place them in the cabin on the shelf above the passenger seat dimensions 15 x 35 x 45cm and weighing no more than 5kg or under the seat in front of the passenger seat dimensions 20 x 35 x 40cm;
goods purchased in duty-free shops at the airport, Packed in a sealed (sealed) plastic bag, the weight of which does not exceed 5 kg and the dimensions of which do not exceed 15 x 35 x 45cm.
The passenger is obliged to take care of the safety of hand Luggage and things carried in the cabin of the aircraft. The passenger at the exit is obliged to take with them placed on Board the aircraft hand Luggage and things.

The airline or an authorized agent in the design of carry-on baggage carried in the cabin of the aircraft, is obliged to issue to the passenger for each presented place a tag "carry-on baggage" or "in the cabin" and note the weight of carry-on baggage in the baggage receipt.

The weight of hand Luggage should not exceed 5 kg, and the maximum dimensions should not exceed 15 x 35 x 45cm, the number of seats is not more than one.

In agreement with the Airline, it is possible to carry hand Luggage weighing more than 5 kg. in the amount of not more than one piece, if its size does not exceed 15 x 35 x 45 cm.

Carry-on baggage must be placed above the passenger seat in a lockable baggage compartment or under the passenger seat.

Dear passengers!

In accordance with the requirements Of the rules of pre-flight and post-flight inspections, approved by the Order of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation of July 25, 2007 № 104, allowed to carry in hand Luggage:

thermometer medical, mercury - free;
mercury tonometer in standard casing — one per passenger;
mercury barometer or manometer, packaged in airtight container and sealed stamp of the sender;
disposable lighters — one per passenger;
dry ice for cooling perishable products-no more than 2 kg per passenger;
3% hydrogen peroxide-not more than 100 ml per passenger;
liquids, gels and aerosols related to non — hazardous in containers of not more than 100 ml (or equivalent in other volume units) Packed in a securely closed transparent plastic bag of not more than 1 l-one package per passenger.
Liquids in containers larger than 100 ml will not be accepted for carriage even if the container is partially filled.

Exceptions for transportation are medicines, special dietary needs, baby food, including mother's milk, in the amount necessary for the flight.

Liquids purchased from duty-free shops at the airport or on Board the aircraft must be Packed in a securely sealed (sealed) plastic bag that provides identification of access to the contents of the package during the flight, on which there is reliable confirmation that this purchase was made at airport duty-free shops or on Board the aircraft on the day (s) of the trip.

The administration of the airport, the airline has the right to decide on the introduction of additional measures to ensure aviation security on flights with increased danger, thereby prohibiting the carriage of the following items in the cabin of the aircraft:

hypodermic needles (unless medical justification is provided);
knitting needles;
scissors with blade length less than 60 mm;
folding (without fixation device) travel knives, penknives with length of blade less than 60 mm;
mercury tonometers;
barometers or pressure gauges mercury.