Flight information

Upon request of the passenger, the airline shall provide the following information in writing:

- About the fact of implementation/non-implementation of air transportation of the passenger and cost of the acquired air transportation to flights of yuvt AERO airline (500 rubles for a segment);

- The fact, reason, time of flight delay or change of departure time (free of charge);

- On the cost of transportation of a passenger on the territory of the Russian Federation when traveling outside the territory of the Russian Federation (based on the ratio of orthodromic distances along the flight route in the airspace of the Russian Federation to the total length of the flight route of the aircraft). (1000 rubles).

The certificate is issued on the letterhead of the Airline signed by the Deputy General Director for commercial Affairs or a person substituting it in the prescribed manner. A natural person has the right to request information only on the transportation carried out by him personally or by a person in respect of whom he is recognized as a legal representative in accordance with civil and family law. This fact must be documented. The certificate is issued in the name of the person who sent the request specified in the request. A certificate for a passenger under 2 years old is issued free of charge in case of simultaneous response to the accompanying adult passenger.


The signed request shall be sent to the airline at the Following address: spravka@uvtaero.ru

The request must contain the following mandatory information:

- Name of the applicant or the person against whom the request is made

- passport details (birth certificate)

- contact information and the address of sending the certificate (one way to get a response);

- date, flight number, flight direction, exact information to which you need to provide an answer.

The request must be accompanied by:

- Payment notice of payment of the fee with the marks of the Bank.

The term of providing information-no later than 10 days from the date of receipt of the application submitted in accordance with the established procedure.

If it is impossible to provide information in connection with the provision of false, inaccurate information by the applicant, the request is considered considered; the money is not returned to the applicant.

In case of receiving one paid request containing more than two questions that require answers, but not paid in the required amount, the Airline provides an answer to the first question from the received request.

You can pay for this service by details:


INN 1645030506 KPP 164501001

OGRN 1151689000803

OKPO 58638670

R / s 40702810125240001739

Bank VTB (JSC) VTB Bank Branch (JSC) in Nizhny Novgorod

BIC 042202837

C / s 30101810200000000837

In the purpose of payment specify the type of service, passenger name, flight number.

Issuance of the certificate is carried out personally to the passenger upon presentation of a passport and a receipt of payment for services in Kazan. For citizens living outside the city of Kazan, the original certificate is sent by Russian post by registered letter with notification.