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People with disabilities

The patient may be transported by the passenger or person with reduced mobility on flights of the Airline shall be made in coordination with the management of the Airline.

Prior to the flight, the airline Must be provided with a medical certificate signed by a doctor, containing a permit for the transportation of a patient or a person with disabilities by air, as well as special requirements for the conditions of carriage of such a passenger.

Transportation of a person with disabilities or a sick Passenger is carried out provided that the Airline does not bear any responsibility to the passenger for its consequences for Him, which is certified by the obligation (receipt) of the passenger.

The airline or a person authorized by the Airline, carrying out the registration of a sick passenger or a person with disabilities, is obliged to notify the ground staff at the points of departure, transit, transfer and destination of the presence on Board the aircraft of a sick passenger or a person with disabilities.

Transportation of a passenger in a wheelchair, unable to move independently, is accompanied by a person who provides care for this passenger in flight.

For technical reasons (due to the design of the aircraft), "YUVT AERO" is not able to transport patients on a stretcher

In cases where the patient can not be moved from a stretcher to a chair, the possibility of its transportation is determined by agreement between the Airline and the person accompanying the patient.

The airline has the right to refuse carriage of a passenger in a wheelchair, a patient on a stretcher in the absence of certain aircraft conditions necessary for the carriage of such passengers.

A passenger deprived of sight and hearing is transported with an accompanying person.

A hearing-deprived passenger may be carried without an accompanying person in agreement with the Airline.

A passenger deprived of vision, in agreement with the Airline can be transported accompanied by a guide dog.

Transportation of a passenger deprived of vision, accompanied by a guide dog can be made upon presentation of the Airline document confirming the special training of the guide dog.

A guide dog accompanying a visually impaired passenger is carried free of charge in excess of the free baggage allowance. The guide dog must have a collar and muzzle and be tied to the seat at the feet of the passenger it is accompanying.

When booking a seat for a sick passenger, disabled, blind/deaf passenger, the authorized agent shall notify the Airline of this fact in order to assist such a passenger during check-in and delivery to the aircraft.

The above rules do not apply to the carriage of sick (disabled) persons by aircraft operating special Charter flights and sanitary aircraft.

For security reasons, the Airline cannot allow more than two persons with disabilities on each flight.

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