Traveling with a child

If you are traveling with a child, please pay attention to these nuances.

Seating in the cabin

According to the airline's rules, children under the age of 12 must sit next to their parents or adult passengers accompanying them. If you and your child have different bookings, then inform the agent at the check-in that you are traveling together and you need the child to sit next to you.

If you find that you and your child have seats in different rows, contact the agent at check-in or an airline representative to transfer you. If you find this already in the cabin, do not worry, contact the flight attendants, they will try to solve this problem.

Please note that due to safety requirements, passengers with children cannot sit near emergency exits.

Safety rules

In flight, it is very important to follow safety rules – fasten seat belts, lower armrests and clean tables at the request of the crew. We understand that you do not want to wake up a sleeping baby by lowering the armrest and strapping it on, or distract him from the game by removing the table. But it is very important to comply with safety requirements for the baby himself. During takeoff, landing, taxiing or turbulence, due to possible sudden movements, the baby may fall or hit the table. Ask the flight attendants to help you, for example, fasten your seat belt while you hold the baby.


You can take the stroller to the salon if its folded dimensions are 15 x 35 x 45 cm. Unfortunately, the dimensions of the aircraft cabin do not allow for larger strollers to be placed inside the cabin.
If your stroller is larger than the specified dimensions, it is not necessary to put it in your luggage at check-in. You can do this when boarding a plane. To do this, contact an airport employee, an airline representative, or flight attendants.