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UVT aero Airline has resumed its flight program from Vnukovo Airport

UVT aero Airline has resumed its flight program from Vnukovo Airport

Since December 1, the airline of the Republic of Tatarstan UVT aero transfers regular flights to Vnukovo airport. Flights on the routes Moscow (Vnukovo) – Bugulma, Moscow (Vnukovo) – Tobolsk will be operated on modern comfortable 50-seat Canadian-made Bombardier CRJ-200 jets three times a week, on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It will be possible to purchase tickets on the airline's website, through online aggregators or in special sales agencies.
The UVT aero fleet consists of Canadian-made Bombardier aircraft, including 7 Bombardier CRJ 200 aircraft, one Bombardier Challenger 604 and two Bell-429 helicopters. The geography of flights covers more than 30 cities of the Russian Federation, from which departures to the most popular tourist destinations of the country are carried out throughout the year. Within the country, UVT aero carries out a flight program in more than 60 destinations, of which 20 are from Kazan.
JSC "YUVT AERO" is an airline from the Republic of Tatarstan, which carries out regular passenger transportation. The base airports are Kazan International Airport and Bugulma Airport. Safety and reliability during air flights is one of the most important factors for the airline. Bombardier Aerospace has recognized UVT aero as the most reliable air carrier in the European region. For the first time in the history of Tatarstan aviation, UVT aero received a high professional award from its partner, aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace, as the most reliable air carrier in the European region. The ceremony dedicated to this event took place in the German city of Munich among 56 airlines at the European Aviation Forum and became a well-deserved victory of JSC "YUVT AERO" in the international competition.
Vnukovo International Airport is glad to resume cooperation with the air carrier, hopes to strengthen and develop business partnership, and also guarantees a comfortable stay for its passengers on the territory of the airport complex.

Vnukovo International Airport is one of the largest air transport complexes in Russia. More than 100 thousand flights of Russian and foreign airlines are serviced at the airport every year. Its route network covers the entire territory of Russia, as well as countries near and far abroad. Vnukovo International Airport broke a historical record in 2019 and served over 24 million passengers. In 2023, Vnukovo became the first and only airport in Russia that is connected to the capital by metro.
Vnukovo airport complex with a total area of about 300 thousand square meters is able to provide a capacity of up to 35 million passengers per year.
Vnukovo International Airport, the only one among the airports in Russia, has the Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin for the achieved labor successes and high performance in professional activity.
In addition, Vnukovo Airport was recognized three years in a row as the best airport in the highest category "International Airport" of the national award "Air Gates of Russia" within the framework of the National Exhibition of Civil Aviation Infrastructure NAIS.

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