Privacy Policy

Using www.uvtaero.ru you provide your personal data to UVT AERO, AO and agree with the terms and conditions of its use. Providing your personal data to UVT AERO Airline Company you agree that the provided information will be used for its intended purpose.

Information resource is the property of the Airline Company and is not intended for open use by third persons. It means that the information shall not be transferred to any third persons, except in cases specified by the legislation and this Policy. Part of the information, including name, surname, passport data, bank details and other information, shall be transferred to Airline Company partner-organizations for the purposes of ticketing, performance of payment with bank system payment cards solely in accordance with the procedure provided by the relevant rules and standards. In cases specified by the legislation certain information can be transferred to law enforcement agencies upon their lawful, justified and grounded requests.

Upon the consent of the user, UVT AERO Airline Company has the right to carry out mass mailing of news, information on airline special offers and promotions, to send individual replies to client requests concerning service provision and service use, suggestions and proposals sent via Feedback service.

To avoid unauthorized access and unconditioned transfer of personal data to third persons or its improper use, and to preserve the accuracy of data, UVT AERO, AO has taken corresponding physical, electronic and management safety measures, that support our Personal data protection policy.