Cabin Baggage

Items, weight and dimensions of which are established by the Airline Company and make it possible to safely place them in the aircraft cabin, are accepted as cabin baggage

Passenger is entitled to transport the following items above free baggage allowance and at no charge in the event one carries them on him/her and they are not placed into the baggage:

  • a handbag or a briefcase;
  • a paper folder;
  • an umbrella, a cane;
  • a bouquet of flowers;
  • outer garments;
  • printed publications to read during flight;
  • baby food to feed an infant in flight;
  • a mobile phone;
  • a photo camera;
  • a video camera;
  • a laptop;
  • a suit in a garment bag;
  • a baby carriage when a baby is being carried;
  • a pair of crutches, a stretcher or a wheelchair when transporting a reduced mobility passenger.

Items specified in the present clause shall not be presented for weighting, subject to check-in and tagged.

The passenger is obliged to take care of the safety of the cabin baggage and items, specified in a clause 7.4.2 of the present Regulations, carried in the aircraft cabin. When leaving the aircraft the passenger is obliged to take the cabin baggage and items located on board of the aircraft, specified in the clause 7.4.2. of the present Regulations, with him/ her.

Airline Company or an authorized agent is obliged to issue a passenger a tag that reads “Cabin Baggage” or “In-cabin” for each presented piece and mark cabin baggage weight in the baggage ticket during check-in of the cabin baggage, carried in the cabin of an aircraft.

Cabin baggage weight is included into free baggage allowance and shall not exceed 5 kg. Only 1 piece of cabin baggage is allowed, its dimensions shall not be exceed 15 x 35 x45 cm.

Upon agreement with the Airline Company it is possible to carry one baggage piece having maximum weight of 5 kg if its dimensions do not exceed 15 x 35 x 45 cm.

During carriage, cabin baggage must be located in the overhead compartments or under the passenger’s seat.