Carriage of Animals (birds)

In the event of carriage of pet animals (birds), a passenger is obliged to submit necessary documents, as required by the legislation of the Russian Federation, international agreements and legislation of the country to, from or through the territory of which the carriage is performed.

During the carriage by air pet animals (birds) must be placed into safe container (cage), providing comfortable carriage conditions, sufficient air access and securely locked. The bottom part of such container (cage) must be firm, waterproof and covered with absorbent. A container (a cage) must eliminate the possibility of absorbent spillage. Bird cages must be covered with a thick lightproof fabric.

The weight of a pet animal (a bird),  including the weight of the container (cage) and food intended for consumption during the flight is not included into free baggage allowance and shall be paid for by the passenger in accordance with the rate established by the Airline Company.

A passenger is obliged to comply with all the requirements of the Airline Company and shall indemnify it for all the possible losses and additional expenses arising out of the carriage of an animal (a bird).

It is not allowed to carry the animals exceeding 8 kg in weight, including container weight, in the passenger compartment of the aircrafts, with the exception of assistance dogs accompanying passengers with diminished vision/ hearing.

Assistance dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers shall be carried in accordance with the clause 6.3.14 of the present Regulations.

Test animals are not accepted for carriage.