Meeting of UVT Aero staff with mayor of Bugulma

On February 20, 2018, a meeting of the UVT Aero staff with the head of the Bugulma Municipal District Linar Zakirov, dedicated to the results of 2017, was held in Bugulma.

General director Petr Trubaev made a report on the company's activities. According to the results of 2017, the number of flying hours was 13,545 hours, 232.3 thousand people were carried, and 7,051 flights were performed. Revenues amounted to 1,842.3 million rubles.

"In 2017, UVT Aero 12 times was the best in the "Most Punctual Airlines" competition. The flights punctuality in 2017 was more than 95%. We twice won the 1st place on punctuality among airlines of the Russian Federation," Petr Trubaev informed.

The main achievement of 2017 was getting admission to international flights, which allowed the airline to implement the planned program.

Speaking to the team, the mayor of Bugulma Linar Zakirov noted the huge contribution of the airline to the development of municipal education.

"Bugulma is the air gate of the south-east of Tatarstan and has a beneficial, and even unique, geographical location. Within its attraction zone are the Republic of Bashkortostan, Orenburg, Samara and Ulyanovsk region. Therefore, the airline has a huge potential for development, attracting passenger and cargo traffic from these regions," said Linar Zakirov.

In order not to lose the vector of development of the airline, it is necessary to modernize the Bugulma airport infrastructure – to reconstruct the runway, including replacement of lighting and navigation equipment. At the moment only haul-type aircraft Yak-40, AN-24, CRJ200 can land on the Bugulma runway.

At the end of the meeting the employees of the company asked questions to the district head.

Source: press service of the administration of Bugulma