Russian Air Transport Agency called the UVT AERO the most punctual airline in Russia!

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency published on-time performance report for June 2017. According to the information provided, the airline UVT AERO took the first place – 2 delayed flights of 635, or 0.31%.


 - I consider our success to be well-deserved – we constantly strive to improve the quality of provided services, including maintaining the leading position in the on-time performance rating. It is important for us that the passengers of UVT AERO can trust us when planning their air travel, – said Petr Trubayev, the general director of the airline UVT AERO.


Today we can confidently say that UVT AERO provides flight safety at the level of the leading Russian airlines. The airline has established itself as a reliable operator in the field of air transportation. This is confirmed by the ratings of the monthly contest of the Moscow Domodedovo airport “The most punctual airlines”. It should be noted that for two years UVT AERO for the 14th time took the leading position on this rating in the commercial air transportation market.


In July 2017, at once two international airports Strigino (Nizhniy Novgorod) and Kurumoch (Samara) recognized UVT AERO as the most punctual one. Strigino International Airport for the first time published an on-time performance rating of Russian airlines flying from Nizhny Novgorod. UVT AERO became the leader in its group in the first half of 2017.


A similar on-time performance rating of airlines flying from Samara was also published, for the first time, by the International Airport Kurumoch. Following the results of the first half of 2017, UVT AERO again became the first in its group. The result of UVT AERO, which carried out 100% of its flights without delay, was especially noteworthy.