UVT AERO celebrates two years of operation

It is two years since a new Tatarstan airline UVT AERO came to the Russian aviation market. On July 17, 2015 the first commercial flight under this brand was performed. Then, the airline’s fleet consisted of three Canadian aircraft Bombardier CRJ 200, and the first flight was from Bugulma to Moscow.

For two years, the airline has become one of the most recognizable regional carriers in Russia, performed 11,104 flights and carried more than 356,000 passengers. By now, the company’s fleet consists of seven aircraft CRJ 200 and helicopter Bell 429.

The flights map covers more than 20 cities of the Russian Federation, from which regular flights to the five most popular tourist destinations of Russia are carried out. The aircraft appearance became recognizable at the airports of Russia. The airline has a highly qualified staff of pilots and flight attendants.

The airline has also created its own maintenance and repair shop in each airport of Tatarstan and conducted its certification for compliance with the Russian and international standards. Moreover, aircraft of other airlines, such as Aviaservice, St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, etc., are serviced at the repair shop of UVT AERO. To ensure the airworthiness of aircraft, the aviation engineering service organized strict control. Since its establishment, the company set a high level of flight safety. Today we can say that the UEW AERO provides flight safety at the level of the leading Russian airlines.

Over the past period, the airline has established itself as a reliable provider of air transportation services, repeatedly taking the 1st place in the monthly contest of Moscow Domodedovo Airport “Most Punctual Airlines”, in the category of carriers performing up to 17 flights per week. On-time performance is one of the main tasks of the airline. It is important for us that the passengers of UVT AERO can trust us in planning their air travel. It should be noted that for two years UVT AERO for the 14th time took the leading position on this rating in the commercial air transportation market.

Also, in July 2017, at once two international airports Strigino (Nizhniy Novgorod) and Kurumoch (Samara) recognized UVT AERO as the most punctual. Strigino International Airport for the first time published an on-time performance rating of Russian airlines flying from Nizhny Novgorod. To determine the winner, the air carriers were divided into two groups: the first group included five airlines that made the largest contribution to the passenger flow of the airport, the second group – all the rest. In the first half of 2017, the leader in its group was UVT AERO.

A similar on-time performance rating of airlines flying from Samara was also published, for the first time, by the International Airport Kurumoch. Following the results of the first half of 2017, UVT AERO again became the first in its group. The result of UVT AERO, which carried out 100% of its flights without delay, was especially noteworthy.

For the first time in the history of Tatarstan aviation, in May 2017 the airline UVT AERO received a high professional award from its partner, aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace, as the most reliable air carrier in the European region. The ceremony dedicated to this event took place in German city of Munich at the European Aviation Forum and became a well-deserved victory of JSC UVT AERO in the international competition.

The regional forum, organized by Bombardier Aerospace, was attended by airlines from all over the world. Following the results of 2016-2017, UVT AERO was recognized as the most reliable air carrier operating in the European region among 56 airlines. Flight safety and reliability is one of the key factors for all airlines. Recognition of our company as a reliable air carrier from all over the world is certainly a great pride and a victory for us.

In such a short time UVT AERO has done a lot, but, of course, there is a place for further development. The airline plans to expand its fleet and open new destinations, including international.